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FITNESS Programme

Effective, supportive, & transformative.
SHE is a programme that has been built around 3 core pillars.


SHE provides a woman's-only platform to uplift, inspire and support women of all ages, sizes, fitness levels and backgrounds, who want to experience a new level of fitness with like-minded individuals.


Connect with qualified health gurus, top nutritionists and life coaches who are ready to give nutritional and wellness tips, and guide you through critical health topics and life issues.


SHE provides a community where
female business owners can network,
market and partner amongst themselves,
and gather tips from inspiring business leaders.

First 2 weeks is absolutely Free

Membership is dependent on what package you would like.

What is included?
A supportive community and Team Leader to help you develop within your chosen activities.
Online and group training sessions for women only.
Access to a top nutritionists & life coaches to help you live a healthy happy lifestyle.
Tips and advice from a top physiotherapist to help you avoid unwanted injuries.
A wealth of information regarding products and brands.
Product promotions and discounts.
Exclusive monthly social and networking events.

Get Fitter, Get Stronger, Get Healthier.

Discover Your Confidence

Step 1

(Run | Bike | Strength)
Swim (start 1st Sep)

Step 2

(West Rand | THE North)

Step 3

(Weight Loss | Healthy Lifestyle | Sport Growth
or All of the Above

Sponsors & Team Leaders 


Audrey Seale

Triathlon Coach

I started my triathlon journey in 2010 as a smoker, drinker and yoyo dieter with a water phobia. I completed my first 70.3 and full Ironman distance in 2012. and then began a journey of focusing on self-belief and hard work. I’ve competed in many triathlons since then; 70.3 World Champs, 9 full Ironmans, including Kona Hawaii (World Championship Race). I don’t come from a background of sport, so to have achieved what I have done in our crazy sport was only possible because someone believed in me, and that made me believe in myself.

Regional Triathlon coach at Matrix Multisport.

Elite Age Group Triathlete & Brand Ambassador.


Estelle le Roux

Running Coach - West Rand & North

I was at my heaviest (95kg) when I started my fitness journey in 2017. I was a drug addict, a heavy drinker and smoker. I joined an all-woman boot camp and made plenty of lifestyle changes - more sleep, no fizzy drinks, less alcohol. I quickly lost 10kg and decided to try running. I went from running every weekend and entering a few races, to winning a 12-week running coaching plan 8 weeks before I was set to do my first half marathon in November 2019 - and I’ve since completed 4 half marathons. My love for running-inspired me to become a Certified Running Coach and I want to inspire other women to get out of their comfort zones, be consistent and create healthy habits. I want to help empower these women, and others around them to do the same!


Tania van der Meulen

Strength Coach

I’ve always wanted to be fit but work and the birth of my daughters held me back. I joined a gym, got a trainer, but life got in the way and the fees were high. In 2012, a friend and I signed up for a women's only boot camp and I fell in love! I realised I wanted to be a trainer and give back to a community of amazing women. I now have my own HIIT studio that caters for all shapes & sizes. Being a woman, mom, wife and an athlete in my 40's, I understand the importance of strength training; how it complements your sport, bone density and overall wellbeing. I haven't always been fit and healthy, but it’s been an incredible journey. I push myself hard and I am stronger today than I ever thought possible. My motto: If you’re willing to push yourself out of your comfort zone, you’ll see the magic happen.


Chandrè Delpêche

Swim Coach - West Rand

For as long as I can remember, the water has played a major role in my life. It’s helped me find balance and peace, and helped me recover from multiple injuries. I’m incredibly passionate about the ocean and all it has to offer. Becoming a swimming coach has given me the opportunity to help others find a similar passion for water. I have the chance to help them find a passion within themselves that they never thought they had. I’ve completed my ASCA level 2 qualification with regards to coaching, I’m a certified adventure free diver and scuba diver, and a competitive open-water swimmer in the process of achieving my goals. Like Loren Eiseley, I firmly believe that ‘if there's magic on this planet, it’s contained in water.’


Lizelle ‘t Lam

Cycling Coach - West Rand

Right out of school, I completed my Personal Training Certificate, but I entered the corporate world, got married, had babies and my fitness took a back seat. When 30 hit, I realised I wasn’t setting a good example for my girls, so I decided to try the one sport I never had much interest in – cycling. I fell in love with the road and have completed several road races, including my first 70.3 Ironman last year. It’s helped me realise there’s no mould I must ‘fit in’ – the mould comes in all shapes, sizes and ages. You don’t have to be first, as long as you’re out there and having fun, you’ll always be a winner!

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FAB FIT mornings

brought to you by SHE Sports | Health | Empower
Get fitter, get stronger, get healthier and rediscover your confidence with our FAB FIT Mornings at Clearwater Mall. Grab a group of your besties, and join us in Clearwater Mall’s gorgeous open-air Piazza (by the Food Court) and spend the morning having a FABULOUS time making your body stronger with an intimate group of fun, like-minded fitness fanatics – for free!

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- Woman of the month -

Toni Anne Smith

Life pre-SHE, was an obsession with food, the scale, calories, chasing the next yo-yo diet. A love-hate relationship with food and body dysmorphia since my teen years and growing accustomed to body shaming, low self-esteem, no self-love, until SHE. Since March, dwelling in limbo, banana bread baking became my thing, and any activity that involved laying on the couch, and comfort eating. July, I knew I needed a change my lifestyle was causing havoc with my mental and physical health.

When SHE started their free-running program in August, I said you have no excuse, time to regain back my sanity for the sake of my kids and myself. SHE - the program has changed my life not just physically but mentally and emotionally. Being accountable and being consistent has been the game-changer for me on this journey, resulting in 6kgs lost and 17 cm’s smaller. I have regained my self-confidence. SHE has given me my sense of ME. Surrounded by like-minded women who empower each other. An inspiration that flows through this group is so encouraging. When one of us is down, there is always another strong woman reminding us that we are enough.



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